Safe to say

Ragged breath would do better to catch it's step, amid a tangle of glances - safe to say that the only armour is waning reason within crumpled shoulders; A blotchy face would do better to hide it's uncertainty, amid an onslaught of convictions - safe to say that the only harbor has a dock of... Continue Reading →


Pit stop at Ecstasy Boulevard

a rumble in my chest words failing me as I try to detail the havoc you caused, the explosion you set off, the delicious summer we shared and the fault lines on our skin   it's a second plunged in nectar when I imagine your smile coaxing my ruminations out and giving them breath while... Continue Reading →


The best actors instinctively feel out what the other actors need, and they just accommodate it - Christopher Nolan As Dangal went up on the big screen, a perfunctory chill went down my spine. Happens whenever I am about to savor the warm delight of a carefully researched film over the preceding months. Desperate research... Continue Reading →

I dream of times past, in gold Hanging down as gossamer in my mind I dream of the woven memories, now old Hidden in crevices for me to find I dream of colours kissing my skin Clothing me, as I dance I dream of petrichor clinging to me, Subduing my senses beneath a trance I dream... Continue Reading →


Life isn't really its perky self all the time. I've had my share of such instances with many more on the way, I'm dead sure. Naps. Music. PJs. My tears. My corner. Home. And a no shit brain that responds cuttingly to hurt. The only constants. For anyone who is looking hard or trying hard... Continue Reading →

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